Toledo meeting

    Hampton Inn Toledo-South/Maumee, 1409 Reynolds Road, Maumee 43537-1625. Telephone (419) 893-1004. Make reservations for the 22nd through the 24th of October on the Web page
It also has driving directions. I got a rate of $72.90 + 15% tax.

    Friday–Sunday, 22–24 October 2004.

Program (tentative)
    Friday night: Informal discussion in small conference room.
    Saturday morning—NAA, ballistics, Zapruder film, NARA, in large conference room
        Neutron activation analysis (Ken's PowerPoint, Larry's comments)
            Two groups of fragments
            Probability calculations for conspiracy (accidental matches)
            Guinn tested wrong fragments?
            Chains of custody
        Physics of JFK's motions in the Zapruder film (Ken's PowerPoint)
            Forward snap
            Rearward lurch (incl. jet effect)
            Denial of forward snap by Wimp and Thompson
        Report on visit to NARA (Larry)
            Rear entrance to head
            Trail of fragments in brain
            Other topics
        Ballistics (Larry, John)
            Properties of WCC/MC bullets
            Yaw of bullet entering Connally
            Edgewood simulations
            Too much mass in wrist fragments?
        SBT (Larry)
            Connally's delayed reaction
            Jiggle analysis
            Fingerprints and palmprints
            Rifle and order forms
            Back-trajectory through bodies to sniper's nest (Larry)

    Saturday afternoon—acoustics, etc.
            Presentation (Steve)
            Presentation (Dale)
            Presentation (Todd, maybe)
            New evidence on motorcycle sounds (Rob, if available)
            Deep discussion of the acoustics from basic to esoteric
        New animations (Dale's DVD)
        Other failed evidence for conspiracy)
            Z-film alteration according to Fetzer, Lifton, and others
            Connally's delayed reaction
            Low entry wound in back
            Lack of deformation of CE 399
            Lack of blood and tissue on CE 399
            Frangible bullets
            "Surgery to the head"
            Puff of smoke

    Saturday evening
        More failed evidence for conspiracy.
            2.3-second recycling time
            Planting of evidence
            Pointy-headed CE 399
        Evidence still in dispute
            New lead fragments--John Hunt
            Point of entry to head
            Point of exit from head
            6.5-mm fragment
            Blood spatter to motorcyclists
            Gordon Arnold

    Saturday dinner—Bratwurst Blowout.
    Sunday morning—White paper and next conference, in small conference room.

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