Spring break 2000 in Beijing

    The spring semester of 2000 was developing such that I knew that by midterm break, I could really benefit from a change of scenery. So I threw caution to the winds and headed to Beijing, where I had never been in spring. I wanted to include two new experiences: being in a dust storm (whose aerosol I have studied for 20 years) and walking a different portion of the Great Wall. Best would be to get caught by a dust storm while walking the Wall! I got the Wall but not the dust.
    I stayed in the Floating Moon Hotel on the grounds of the Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences, the same place I had been for Y2K. As before, my host was my Tibetan student-friend Zhuoga, fresh from the Chinese New Year celebration. I hope you enjoy the pictures that follow.

Traditional Zhuoga
Visiting CRAES

The Great Wall at Mutianyu

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