Photo shows

Special!!! John McGolgan's photo of the deer in the fire. This unbelievable photo will really move any nature lover.
The iceberg You have never seen one like this!
Jim and Mickey (Mitchell) get married, July 1967

Photo shows arranged with groups first, then single shows from recent to older

Update June 2008: I have begun to systematically convert the color images from before June 2003, which were scanned from prints, to images scanned directly from the color negatives. The reason is that I have found that direct scanning gives markedly better results. I will list the updated files here as they become available.

    Xiuhua's Hometown, April 2010
    Asian Aerosol Conference Kaohsiung August 2007
    Beijing March–May 2007
    China January–February 2007
    China November–December 2006
    Beijing March-April 2006
    Tai Shan, April 2006
    China May–June 2005 (Beijing and Shanghai)
    China February–April 2005 (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing)
    Beijing December 2004
    China May 2004 (Guangzhou, Guiyang, Beijing)
    China, December 2003–January 2004 (Beijing, Xiamen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Guiyang, Beijing)
    Beijing March 2003 Scanned from prints.
    China June 2002 Scanned from prints.
    Beijing March 2002 Scanned from prints.
    Beijing, Spring Break 2000 Scanned from prints.
    Beijing, Y2K Scanned from prints.
    Images of China, June 1999 Being rescanned from negatives, June 2008.
    Taiyuan 1994 Scanned from negatives.

The Driftwoods (Main page for The Driftwoods)
    July 2004
    July 2003
    The Driftwoods Hit The Pier (July 2002) Originally scanned from prints. Now scanned from negatives.

    Bloomington July 2011
    Mongolia Apr 2011

Portland Aug 2010
    Indiana State Fair 14 Aug 2010

    HHHS 50th Reunion Sept 2008
    Wakefield Civic Band 23 June 2008

    Ed Cage, November 2007
    Reconstructed basement November 2007
    The Golden Haug, Iowa City, October 2007
    Silverbrook Cemetery September 2007
    Pennsylvania July 2007
    Waterbury, VT, 26–27 June 2007
    North Kingstown RI Air Show 23 June 2007
    Chicago 15–17 June 2007
    New Jersey June 2007
    Niles February 2007
    Memphis, January 2007
    Dumplings at Jieping's, January 2007
    Test photos with new lenses on a new Canon EOS 30D, January 2007

PA, NJ, NY December 2006
    Sunshine Stereo, 3 September 2006
    Barb Junkkarinen, November 2006
    The Midwest, August 2006
    Mongolia April 2006 (Ulan Bataar, Hustai Nat'l Park)
    China Buffet, 26 February 2006

    India, December 2005
    Tampa, FL, 22 August 2005
    Martin Shackelford retrospective, September 2005
    Pamela McElwain-Brown, August 2005
    John McAdams, Marquette University, August 2005
    Rob Spencer, Fairport, New York, August 2005
    Atlantic City, July 2005
    Rahn Family Photos
    Steve Barber (Link removed at his request)
    Chen Shuang, Penn State University, July 2005
    The Great Blizzard of January 2005

    Burlington and Ottawa, August 2003
    Washington County Fair, August 2003
    Plymouth, August 2003
    The Wakefield Civic Band, July 2003
    Mystic Seaport, July 2003
    West Point, July 2003
    Narragansett, June 2003
    Virginia, June 2003

    Oregon with Gail, October 2002 Scanned from prints.
    Wickford Art Festival, July 2002 Originally scanned from prints. Now scanned from negatives.
    Northern California with Jinghua (July 2002) Scanned from prints.

    Georgia/Florida June 2001 Scanned from negatives
    Dallas November 2001 Scanned from prints.
    CF gets married Scanned from prints.

    Madison, Wisconsin, October 2000 Scanned from prints.
    New York City, July 2000 Scanned from prints.
    Chicago, July 2000

Suilou graduates with Ph.D., May 2000
    The Ceremony Scanned from prints.
    Afterwards Scanned from prints.

Seattle and Gail, October 1999 (All scanned from prints.)
    Around Gail's office   
     The Pike Place Market
     City Center

Narragansett, September 1999 (All scanned from prints)
    Scenes around Narragansett
    Narragansett 2 (test)
    Narragansett 3 (test)

    Iowa, September 1999 Scanned from prints.

    Vermont and Ottawa, August 1999 Scanned fromprints.

    Lisbon, July 1998

    Last visit with C. Junge, Bodenzee, June 1995 Scanned from prints.

Update on digital images: In early 2006 I bought a small digital camera, a Canon PowerShot S80. I used it for China Buffet (February 2006), Beijing Mar–Apr 06, Mongolia Apr 06, and China Nov–Dec 06. In December 2006 I upgraded the EOS 10D to the 30D, with two new image-stabilizing lenses, and expect to be using this camera for most events in the future.

Note on digital images: Beginning with "Narragansett June 2003," all my photos are being taken digitally. I am using a Canon EOS-10D, and I love it. I store the images at the full 6.3 megapixels, and then reduce each dimension by a factor of three for the Web site. This gives final dimensions of 1024 x 683 pixels. The process also reduces the file size from the original 2.5 MB to about 0.1 MB, or by a factor of 25.

Note on earlier scanning technique. I scanned with SilverFast Ai 5 from LaserSoft Imaging. Although it took me a while to learn how to use it properly (i.e., minimally), the results, especially with its new IT-8 color-calibration system, far exceeded my earlier quality with SilverFast Lite. Check out the photos in Dallas November 2001 and the rescans of Beijing Spring Break 2000. I strongly recommend that people scanning color photos get the best scanning package they can afford. Enjoy these pictures!

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