Taiyuan 1994

    In August 1994, I attended a conference of the Chinese Aerosol Society. It was held at the China Institute of Radiation Protection, in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province. I had not been to Shanxi before, and it was extremely pleasant.
    We had three days of meetings and three days of touring to Wutaishan, a beautiful mountainous area 200 km north of Taiyuan. Wutaishan proper reaches an altitude of 3058 m. I was the only Westerner on this excursion.
    During the conference I met a very pleasant girl named Li Mei, whose parents lived at the institute. She was one of three people who met me at the airport, and served as the main interpreter because of her advanced English. Over the years, we kept in touch. She later married and came to Ottawa, Ontario with her husband, where she got a Master's degree in medical physics and he got a Ph.D. in the same field. Now, two children later, they are working as radiation physicists at Morristown Memorial Hospital in Morristown, New Jersey.
    I had almost forgotten about these photos, which were shot on Agfacolor print film. I just rediscovered them (June 2008) and scanned the negatives. They came out better than I had expected. Enjoy!

China Institute of Radiation Protection (CIRP)
    CIRP 1 Getting there, the institute, the conference
    CIRP 2 The attendees
    CIRP 3 The attendees
    CIRP 4 The grounds
    CIRP 5 The grounds

Jin Cie Temple

Wutaishan (Wutai Mountain)
    Wutaishan 1
    Wutaishan 2
    Wutaishan 3
    Wutaishan 4

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