China, February–April 2005

    I was lucky enough to be able to visit China again, this time from February into April of 2005. Over the seven-week period, I made four stops: Beijing (18–25 February), Shanghai (25 February–3 March), Guangzhou (3–30 March), and Beijing (30 March–8 April). In the February stop at Beijing, I visited the students in Prof. Zhuang Guoshun's group, where I have been an external advisor for several years. In Shanghai, I visited the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at Fudan University, a place that I expect to visit regularly in the future. In Guangzhou, I worked at the Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, giving lectures on science and English as well as working with students on their papers. Back in Beijing, I held a workshop on desert dust with my colleague Gao Qingxian. This was the first meeting of our newly formed Dust Club, and we considered it to be very successful. The day after our meeting ended, Beijing had its first dust storm of the spring. It was an unexpected benefit for me. I returned home tired but happy.
    I present photos from each of the stops. Enjoy!

Beijing (Imperial Palace with Jiang Yan)
Shanghai (three sets of photos)
Guangzhou (four sets)

Beijing (two sets)

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