China June 2002

    I visited China again in June 2002, this time for just over two weeks. (The previous trip was in March.) The trip had two main goals: to work with "my" research group at Beijing Normal University (under the direction of Prof. Zhuang Guoshun) and to visit Xiamen and Wuyishan as the guest of my old friend Prof. Chen Liqi, Honorary Director General of the Chinese Arctic and Antarctic Administration, who had spent some years here at URI as an international scholar two decades ago.
    The trip was wonderful. I first visited BNU from 4 to 8 June, then Xiamen and Wuyishan from 9 to 14 June, and then Beijing again from 14 to 18 June. The photos from both visits to Beijing are grouped together below.
    The most spectacular part of the trip was our visit to Wuyishan, a beautiful place that I had not previously been able to visit. The weather on our day of touring was great, and the photos reflect it. Enjoy!

Beijing Normal University
    Reconstruction everywhere 1   2   3   4
    Thursday afternoon presentations 1  2
    Thursday evening dinner
    Friday afternoon workshop with the students

    Third Institute of Oceanography
    Jimei  1  2
    Bridge  1  2
    Gulangyu (Gulang Island)  1  2  3  4  5
    Farewell Lunch

For more information on Xiamen/Amoy, see Susan Brown's Web site "Amoy Magic" at

    To the top 1  2  3
    At the top 1  2
    Down the other side 1  2  3
    Rafting 1  2  3  4  5  6

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