The Pike Place Market


Near Gail's office is Seattle's famous Pike Place Market. Much of it is along the side of a hill that goes from the water to the higher elevation of downtown. As you climb the flights of stairs on the way to the top, you can stop at strategically placed landings and enter shops.

The view from the entrance at the base of the hill. The harbor is behind us.

The first steps on the way to the top. The real climb lies ahead.

A fish market at the top. This place is known for throwing its fish to the baggers after you select them. As you can see, we were not the only tourists!

A view of some of the many shops at the top.

The corridor of one of the long buildings along the top. They run parallel to the edge of the bluff and contain all sorts of near little shops.

Lo and behold if there wasn't a guy playing serious new age piano on the street, and with a REAL piano to boot! He was going at it so diligently that he hardly noticed when I dropped a bill into his pail.

A block later, we encountered this one-man puppet show. The overheated guy inside managed to keep the adults as well as the children entertained. Note the smiles on everybody's faces here and in the photo below.


Then there was this Chinese pastry shop with its delectable delectables. Although we resisted, many of those around us didn't. In hindsight, maybe they were the smart ones!


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