Ken and Greg's Excellent Adventure
Dallas, November 2001



Untouched Dallas (Trinity River)

Parkland Memorial Hospital

Trade Mart and Stemmons Freeway
    Part 1
    Part 2

The Old Brewery

Dealey Plaza (featuring the great manhole caper)
    Up by the triple underpass 1
    Up by the triple underpass 2
    By the picket fence
    In the center grass
    The great manhole caper
    Along Houston Street

Near the JFK Memorial

Near the Police Station and Western Union

Oak Cliff
    The path to Officer Tippit
    From Tippit to the Texas Theater
    Top Ten Records
    More houses in Oak Cliff

The video of K. Rahn re-creating Oswald's walk with the long, bulky brown package
    (Requires Real One player)


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