Beijing May–June 2005

    I spent nearly three weeks in Beijing during late May and early June of 2005. The main reason for the trip was to attend Yuan Hui's Ph.D. thesis defense at Beijing Normal University and lend her support when I knew she needed it. Once there, I did a few other things as well. Gao Qingxian and I threw a party for Hui, to celebrate her successful defense and her birthday. Some students and I visited Beijing Forestry University, where I gave a talk on dust storms. Then I made a short trip to Fudan University, in Shanghai, where I spent one day in the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering and one day touring. I hope you enjoy the photos!

26 May, Hui's Ph.D. Thesis Defense
31 May, Talk and Dinner for Hui
1 June, Beijing Forestry University
3 June, Fudan University
4 June, Shanghai Tour

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