North Kingstown (RI) Air Show, 23 June 2007

    On Saturday the 23rd of June, 2007, my daughter, Gail, and I went to the annual Rhode Island Air Show. It is sponsored by the RI Air National Guard and held at the Quonset State Airport in North Kingstown, Rhode Island. This year the Blue Angels (Navy) were the main attraction. The weather was perfect, and the photos came out very well.
    I took pictures with my new Canon EOS 30D digital camera. For pictures of the crowd and the parked planes, I used the Canon 1785-mm lens with image stabilizer. For the planes in flight, I used the Canon 70300-mm zoom, also with image stabilizer. I was very pleased at how well the pictures came out. Enjoy!

Air show 1
Air show 2
Air show 3
Air show 4
Air show 5
Air show 6
Air show 7
Air show 8
Air show 9

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