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(For those of you reaching this page from The Driftwoods' page, you are now at the web site of Kenneth A. Rahn, of Narragansett, Rhode Island. I live across the street from Tom Guadagno, who told me about the band he plays in. I decided to photograph one of their shows and post it for all to see. Here are the results. You can see other photo shows at, or equivalently at Enjoy!)

    Last year my neighbor from across the street Tom Guadagno told me that he played in a band called "The Driftwoods." They are a bunch of middle-aged guys specializing in songs of the Beach Boys era. This year I finally got to attend one of their concerts, here in Narragansett, Rhode Island. It was held at the gazebo in Narragansett Pier on Saturday, July 6, 2002. I decided to take some photos that they could link their web site to.
    The weather was mild, dry, and beautiful. The crowd was large. Everybody had a good time. The photos appear on three pages, two of the the entire group and one with close-ups of each performer. I hope you enjoy them. Brief comments are offered below some of the photos.
    (Technically minded folks might like to know the nuts and bolts. I used a Canon EOS Rebel equipped with a Promaster 28200-mm zoom lens. I shot two 24-exposure rolls of Fuji 400 color negative film, then culled the prints down to the 15 shown here. The film was developed at Kingstown Camera in Wakefield, RI, and scanned at 1000 lines per inch with a Nikon Super Coolscan 5000. This photo show was constructed in MS FrontPage 2000.)

Right across from the gazebo is the Narragansett Town Beach. This is what it looked like at 7 p.m. during the concert.

The beginning of Narragansett's famous sea wall was occupied with people listening to the concert from across the street. You can see some of the audience on the far right. The gazebo is just beyond the right side of the picture.

The official announcement as the concert was beginning.

Some of the early audience. Narragansett's famed Towers is in the background.

A broader shot of the audience about halfway through the concert. The evening could not have been more beautiful.

Here they are, The Driftwoods! From left to right, they are Tony, Tom, and Sal Guadagno, Bill Lauro, Pete Flori behind "Del" Del Signore, and Ed Civito. Michael Guadagno (Tom's son) is watching carefully.

Del, Pete, and Ed. Ed seems particularly content with his work on bass guitar.

Sal Guadagno also plays trumpet in several of the numbers.

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