The Great Blizzard of January 2005

    Rhode Island experienced great blizzard on the 22nd and 23rd of January 2005. It wasn't quite as bad as the great blizzard of February 1978, because it came on a weekend, lasted for a shorter time, and was much better predicted. But it was quite the experience, anyhow. It was also the first big blizzard for which I had a digital camera.
    The snow began on the afternoon of Saturday the 22nd. It lasted until about 6 p.m., and then quit. This marked the end of the first storm, one that had traveled eastward from the Upper Midwest. Then around midnight, a second storm, one that had been forming independently off the East Coast, hit and provided snow and strong winds for nearly 18 hours.
    I got a few photos of the Saturday afternoon phase, and then more on Sunday morning and afternoon. Monday the 24th was bright and clear, so I took a few to show the result in sunlight. Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday the 22nd

Sunday the 23rd 1 2  3 

Monday the 24th 1  2

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