Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York, December 2006

    I didn't have any real plans for the period between Christmas 2006 and New Year's. When I learned that my Chinese friend Shirley (Zhao Xingshuo, former M.S. student of my friend Prof. Meng Xiaochen at Peking University, and now a Ph.D. student at the University of Maryland) was also free then, I offered to take her on a drive around some nearby states that would also allow me to visit some of my Chinese friends. We made a big triangle. First we met in Maryland on December 26th and drive up to Penn State University, where Chen Shuang (formerly of Beijing Normal University) and her husband are. After a day there, we drove over to New Jersey to visit my friend Li Mei. Then came a day in New York. The next day, Shirley took a bus back to Maryland, and I drove back to Rhode Island.
    We all had a great time. Hope you enjoy the photos.

Pennsylvania 26-27 December
New Jersey 28 December
New York 29 December

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