Jim and Mickey Get Married

    On Saturday, June 17th, 1967 (I think), my friend Jim Mitchell married my friend Mickey McDonald. He was from Barrington, Rhode Island, she from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The wedding was held in her home church in Pittsburgh. I was best man and photographer.
    The black-and-white negatives of the wedding recently resurfaced in a collection of about 6000 negatives that my father has. I learned about this huge archive of family photos during a recent visit to his home in Florida. I resolved on the spot to scan them into my computer for posterity. It was when I was scanning the first half of them, sent by my father, that I found Jim and Mickey's interspersed.
    So far, I have found about 200 photos from the wedding. More are sure to appear as I get farther into the 1500. I have decided to post the ones I have done because they give a good idea of the wedding, and because it is just about Jim and Mickey's anniversary. Ironically, however, I have lost contact with them, and recent attempts to locate them have failed. So I am requesting that anyone who sees these photos and knows the whereabouts of Jim and Mickey, please contact me at krahn@uri.edu. Many thanks in advance.
    I was pleasantly surprised to find the negatives in almost perfect condition after nearly 40 years. My new slide scanner worked better than expected on them, too. The result is pleasant viewing.
    As always, I recommend that viewers set their browsers to full screen (F11 with Internet Explorer). That will allow the pictures to appear at full size and make the viewing experience as realistic as possible. Enjoy!

Ken Rahn, 16 July 2005

The Church
Misc. before the wedding
Home before the wedding
The Rehearsal
    Rehearsal 1
    Rehearsal 2
The rehearsal dinner
    Dinner 1
    Dinner 2
    Dinner 3
    Dinner 4
    Opening early presents
Just after the wedding
The bridal party
The cake
The reception
    Reception 1
    Reception 2
    Reception 3
    Reception 4
The receiving line
    Receiving line 1
    Receiving line 2
Preparing the car
Opening the presents
    Presents 1
    Presents 2
Getting away
After they're gone

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