Oregon with Gail, October 2002

    Each year I visit my daughter Gail at her home in Seattle, Washington, over the Columbus Day weekend. This year we decided to range a bit, to Crater Lake National Park in southwestern Oregon. I had visited there very briefly many years ago, and had wanted to return. That desire was whetted when Jingua Guo and I flew over it last July as we were returning from a visit to friends in Northern California (whose photos are next in line to be posted). I traveled to Medford, Oregon, on Friday, October 11. Saturday we visited Crater Lake. Sunday we explored the Newberry National Volcanic Monument within the Deschutes National Forest, new territory for both of us. Monday I returned home. I took three 36-exposure rolls of pictures on the now-rare Kodak Royal ASA-100 film graciously supplied to me by Norman and Deedra Durocher of Kingstown Camera in Wakefield, Rhode Island. Thanks to them both! I shot nearly everything at 19 mm. The weather on both days was great, and the pictures came out extremely well. Enjoy!

Crater Lake
    Around the Visitor Center
    Northward around the rim 1
    Northward around the rim 2
    Pumice Desert
    To the trail to the bottom
    Down the trail
    Down at the lake
    East side of rim
Newberry National Volcanic Monument
    Lava Butte
        Trail of the molten land 1
        Trail of the molten land 2
        Top of Lava Butte 1
        Top of Lava Butte 2
        Top of Lava Butte 3
    Lava Tube Cave
    Big Obsidian Flow

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