The Driftwoods at Narragansett Pier Again, July 2003

    The Driftwoods played Narragansett Pier again this year, on the evening of the Fourth of July. I went to photograph them again, this time with my new Canon EOS-10D digital camera. I used the same lens as last year, the Promaster 28200-mm zoom, but the smaller area of the CMOS sensor made the lens act like a 50320 instead. That suited my needs just fine, for I had found the 200-mm upper end limiting last year.
    The evening was hazier than last year, which dimmed the light earlier. The combination of long lens and twilight made some of the shots fuzzy. I took about 120 photos. Here are about 50 of them. Also see last year's photo show.

Driftwoods 1
Driftwoods 2
Driftwoods 3
Driftwoods 4
Driftwoods 5


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