A Visit To Rob Spencer

    I visited Rob Spencer in Rochester, NY, on the 16th of August 2005. Rob is an IT person who works for the school department in Greece, NY, one of the largest in the state. He is also a motorcycle enthusiast who is bringing his knowledge of the distinctive sounds the different types of engines to bear on the acoustic fiasco.
    This photo show is the second in a series I am undertaking with the general theme "Posters are people, too." It is intended to defuse some of the unnecessary hard feelings in the JFK debate by showing the human side of its participants. The first show was of Steve Barber. I hope you also enjoy these pictures of Rob.
    As always, I recommend that you set your browser to full screen (F11 with Windows) and remove all frames, such as Favorites. That will give you the best viewing experience of these detailed wide-angle photos.

Rob 1 Motorcycles
Rob 2 At home
Rob 3 In downtown Fairport, NY
Rob 4 At his college

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