A Visit To John McAdams

    I visited John McAdams at Marquette University, in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, from the 29th to the 31st of August 2005. The main purpose of the visit was to photograph him around the university and produce a small photo show for his newsgroup, alt.assassination.jfk (aajfk). The visit rapidly took on an extra dimension because he treated me so graciously and hospitably. I met some of his friends and colleagues, and we had a great time discussing the JFK assassination and related matters.
    John is an associate professor in the Political Science Department of Marquette University. Although people on the newsgroup think of his as a specialist in JFK, his true academic specialty is American Politics. I had the chance to sit in on two of his introductory classes just as the semester was beginning. They were most enjoyable.
    John is married, and has children and three grandchildren. He took me to dinner the first evening with his wife, Lynda. He is one of the more popular professors on campus, and one of the better known as well.
    I have divided the pictures into three sections: the Marquette campus, meals with John and others, and John in his office and in class. Enjoy!

The Marquette campus
    A first stroll, with John
    A second stroll, by myself  1  2

Dinner with John and Lynda
Breakfast with Dennis Frank
Lunch with Steve Hauser

John McAdams in his office
John McAdams in class


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