The Marquette Campus—A Introductory Stroll With John McAdams

    Here are some views of the Marquette campus as I arrived with John for the first time.

One of two markers for Marquette University. It sits along Wisconsin Avenue, which divides the campus in half. It is also one of the main streets through Milwaukee.

One of the dormitories.

The Alumni Memorial Union.

The main cafeteria in the Union. It's not that Marquette has no students, but rather that it was suppertime, and this is a lunch place.

The University Information Center, being staffed by Jenny.

Jenny up close and personal.

John running into one of his former students in the Union.

The escalator to the ground floor of the Union.

The Marquette Bookstore, where you can also buy all sorts of clothing.

John McAdams in front of the Raynor Library.

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