John McAdams In His Office

    I told John that I had to photograph him in his office because everyone from the newsgroup wants to see him rejecting a post. He happily complied.  :-)
    (Viewers should recognize that much of this page is tongue-in-cheek.)

John's research assistant showing him the packet of reading materials for his class on American Government this semester.

John preparing to moderate messages for the newsgroup.

The list of messages to deal with.

John's stern "game face" as he prepares to deal with unpleasant messages.

A message from Johann Rush that John has rejected with the remark, "Saying 'I don't think the KGB would hire you' looks out of bounds, IMHO."

John's clenched fist and victorious expression after he has rejected a message.

Here is a message from "tomnln" that was rejected by moderator Peter Fokes.

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