A Visit To Pamela McElwain-Brown

    During August 27 to 29, 2005, I visited Pamela McElwain-Brown and her husband Donner, who live near Minneapolis. I went there to photograph her as part of my continuing campaign "Posters are people, too" for the JFK newsgroup alt.assassination.jfk, where feelings often run high and it is too easy for people on one side to think of people on the other as simply posters rather than people. Also, few posters get a chance to see many other posters, and are curious about what they look like and what the other parts of their life are like. This is the fourth photo show in the series, the first three being Steve Barber, Rob Spencer, and John McAdams.
    Most posters know that Pamela plays the flute, so I photographed her doing that. They also know that she has a husband, Donner, to whom she is very devoted, so I photographed him, too. I was also able to get a few pictures of her at the Minnesota State Fair, which we attended on Sunday the 28th. I had a wonderful visit, and I hope you can share some of it through these pictures!

Pamela with her flute
Pamela and Donner
Pamela at the state fair

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