Test Photos With New Lenses, 7 January 2007

    Here is a series of test photos taken with two new lenses for my new Canon EOS 30D camera. The first series, with the 1785-mm lens, tries various settings for color saturation, contrast, and sharpness. The second series, with the 70300-mm lens, uses the default settings and explores the perspectives available with this lens. Remember that the effective focal lengths are the official values multiplied by 1.6. That extends the long lens out to nearly 500 mm, a zone that is new to me. But it works because of the image-stabilizing system. All pictures were taken on the Narragansett Bay Campus of the University of Rhode Island, on Sunday morning, 7 January 2007.

1785-mm lens  1  2  3
70300-mm lens  1  2

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