Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center, Part II


Prof. Zhuang, me, and Prof. Tian.

A portable monitoring center for the basic pollutants.

This is the "nerve center," where real-time data are fed from 13 monitoring sites around Beijing and suburbs. The woman, whose name I didn't get, gave us the tour.

This is the map of the monitoring sites. Note the ring roads around the city.

Discussions with Prof. Tian.

Prof. Zhuang listening intently to my lecture.

The closing lunch after my lecture. You can see Prof. Tian just to the left of my empty chair. Two of his graduate students were there, Mr. Cao Lei (second to the right of me, and Mrs. Zhang Yangmei (red sweater, facing away from the camera).

Our last photo, as taken by Zhang Yangmei.

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