New Resort Outside The CityŚ2

    More photos of the new resort.

This young lady came up to us and offered some information on Khan and the building. Note her classical Mongolian features.

The student standing next to Khan's whip. Maybe I'm not Mongolian enough, but I couldn't see how it looked like a whip. Maybe return visits will help.  :-) 

You can pose in classical Mongolian garb, as these young folks did.

We climbed up to the top of the horse's neck. Here are the other three of us.

Genghis Khan up close.

Up REALLY close.

Note the patches of snow, even in late April. After I left, they had at least one more big blizzard.

The entrance as seen from the top. The rolling hills are typical of this part of Mongolia.

This will be a big part of the resort--various sizes of weekend yurts. After all, one size can't fit all!

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