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  The farm and Maple Street, Rutherford, ca. 1943-44.

One fall Grandpa Haslett buried his potato crop in a big pit over the winter because he wanted to hold out for better prices in the spring. Here he and the hired man are taking them out and putting them into crates.

Kenny swinging in the front yard of the farm.

Playing on the wagon. The vehicle in the rear may have been Grandpa Haslett's truck.

The budding structural engineer at work. Considering the precarious position of the V block on the right, I'm surprised he got this high.

The V block is fixed, but now there is one missing on the left.

In the square of downtown Rutherford.


On a vintage cannon at the juncture of Lincoln Avenue and Park Avenue in Rutherford.

Don't remember this boy on the left. We are in front of 60 Maple Street.

The cannon in warmer weather.

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