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    Photos from Grandpa Rahn's house on Barron Lake.

Madeline by Grandpa Rahn's pier on Barron Lake, Michigan.

Madeline, Uncle Mel (our father's brother), and his daughter Virginia at Barron Lake.

Uncle Mel, Virginia, Madeline, and Mel's wife, Betty.


Grandma Rahn is watching Virginia (now deceased) walking on the pier.

Back at the farm, Kenny is driving the tractor and wagon to one of the fields across the road. The sides on the wagon indicate that it is being used to haul grain that is being harvested, to a bin on this side of the road.

Grammie Haslett, her brother Herschel (from Baltimore), their mother, Grandma Royer, and Madeline.

Kenny and Madeline about to go down their favorite slide. When you get off at the bottom, you have to be careful that you don't walk around in circles.

On the monkey bars at a resort on one of the lakes in Michigan (Diamond Lake?).

Grandpa Haslett, Grammie, and Grandma Royer enjoying a Sunday outing at one of the lakes near the farm.

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