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    More pictures from the lake resort in Michigan.

Madeline is getting a ride from Kenny.


They don't make rides like this anymore!

An early Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis on our first television set.

Kenny, Uncle Hubert (Haslett), and Madeline on the farm, ca. 1946. Note the shocks of grain in the field across the road. The grain had been cut with a binder, and the bundles (sheaves) piled into shocks. The next step would be thrashing (threshing).

Madeline, Mom, and Kenny, also ca. 1946.


On the left is Aunt Eleanor (Haslett), Uncle Hubert's wife.

Christmas cards in our house on Carmita Avenue, Rutherford.

Sledding down Vreeland Avenue in Rutherford. Kenny is on the right, with Madeline on the left. Lincoln School, where Madeline and Kenny started primary school, is at the rear. Kenny is ready for the wild ride, while Madeline seems to be having second thoughts.

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