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    The farm, Lake Michigan, and Washington, D.C.

Grammie, Madeline, and Kenny having a tea party on the roof.

Grammie and Grandpa plus Kenny and Madeline, ca. 1948.

Grandpa and Grammie look on admiringly and Kenny, Madeline, and Uncle Hubert build something in the sand at Lake Michigan.

Look what I did! I even have a handful to prove it!

Putting a cement road in the sand at the base of Tower Hill, Benton Harbor, Michigan. Tower Hill is part of the dune system along the southeastern shore of Lake Michigan.


Grandma Royer with Kenny and Madeline.

Madeline at Lake Michigan.

A military guard near the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Washington, D.C.

An amphitheater on the grounds of Arlington Memorial Cemetery, Washington, D.C.

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