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    Farm and lake again.

Somebody is helping Kenny with the binoculars.

Other than Mom's attire, this picture is interesting in that it shows the base of the windmill that used to provide water and electricity for the farm. The view seems to be toward the northeast, past the front of the house.

Kenny drinking water on the farm from his favorite cup.

The south end of Kenny heading north.

A big snow on the farm.

I think this boy wanted to live upside-down!

Grandpa Rahn's place at Barron Lake. Madeline is standing on the pier next to the rowboat. Grandpa Rahn is getting ready to pull the cord to start the outboard motor. Kenny's look of consternation is only feigned. This may be the clearest picture of the other side of the lake that we have.



Kenny and Madeline measuring Grandpa Haslett's corn in the garden.

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