13 January1 The Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry

    On Tuesday the 13th of January, Mei and I gave talks at the prestigious Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, which is out away from the center of town. A group of us them went to lunch at a Brazilian barbeque downtown.

Here is the new building where we gave our talks.

More new buildings of the institute.


Zheng Mei and Prof. Fu Jiamo, an academician at the institute. He later offered me long-term collaboration and a visiting professorship, which I accepted gratefully.

Mei at the biginning of her talk.

Some of the audience. Note Bi Xinhui at the left rear.

Prof. Fu, with Prof. Sheng (Jianwen's mother) behind him.

Ready to go to lunch.

Anxious to go to lunch!

Ahead to Lunch At Brazilian Barbeque
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