The Muslim Restaurant

    Since Xiaohong grew up in Xinjiang (northwestern China) and knows some of the Uighur language, he naturally gravitates toward Muslim food.  So my first evening in Guangzhou, the three of us went to the city's biggest Muslim restaurant. We had a lot of fun, and the food was good, too. Here are some pictures.

The waiters and waitresses dress in the traditional Uighur style. Here, Jianwen is watching the waitress bring some appetizers.

Here is some of the food that we ate. Spiciness was everywhere.

Here is what the restaurant looked like.

This restaurant features three dancing girls. They appear periodically during the evening, dressed in a variety of costumes.

Ni Xiaohong.

Hong Jianwen.

One of the dancing girls is inviting Xiaohong onto the floor with her. Against his better judgment, he accepted.

Here they are, dancing. The man on the left was from the table next to us.

These are the two families that sat across from us. I believe they said they were from Malaysia, and had been working in Guangzhou for nearly two years.

Xiaohong and Jianwen with the dancing girl.

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