Up Fifth Avenue to St. Patrick's Cathedral


It was a beautiful day to walk along Fifth Avenue toward St. Patrick's Cathedral. We hope that you enjoy it, too!

Here is the way Fifth Avenue looked in the vicinity of the library. The view is toward the north, and at the very end you may be able to see the green trees of Central Park. If you are wondering where all of New York's fabled traffic is, I can only say that it was very light all day, perhaps because it was a Saturday in midsummer.

Here is a typical view of the sidewalk looking south along Fifth Avenue. The library is on the right.

We reached the cathedral and went inside. It was such an important experience for Mali that I had to capture at least some of the views on film. This is my first and only attempt with available light. I had no idea it would come out this well.

The same place captured later by flash. The man stood there for a long time, resting his hand on various parts of the statue and obviously being deeply moved by the experience. I did not want to intrude on his meditation, but he was staying there longer than I was able to wait.

A little chapel at the rear of the main sanctuary. The young woman was one of many visitors to the cathedral.

A larger chapel in the rear.

Peaceful Mali after visiting the cathedral.

Wanjin, Ken, Mali, and Mei as taken by Xiaodong.

The Zheng family as taken by Ken.

The photographer himself.

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