Up Sixth Avenue

After Rockefeller Center, our hardy little band of five walked west to Sixth Avenue and turned north. Central Park or bust!

Here we are on West 47th Street, approaching Fifth Avenue. Note the distant look in Wanjin's eyes, as if he were wondering just how close he could get to that distant building with his video camera's zoom lens...

Getting ready to cross a busy street.

At the famous Radio City Music Hall. Note the sailors on the right. All day we saw sailors from all sorts of countries. The girl at the lower left with the NBC bag is sprinting to get out of my picture, but she should know that she can never outrun the 19-mm wide-angle lens! Others much more powerful than her have tried and failed...

Getting closer to Central Park. Note the sign for Rockefeller Center. They were everywhere.

Passing by the Hilton Hotel.

Wanjin always had his video camera at the ready. Here are three pictures of him in action.

One of the great unsolved mysteries of modern life: why do men open their mouths when shooting with the video camera?

The video-stalker on high alert. Don't mess with this guy, or he'll shoot you in a New York heartbeat! 

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