Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center

    Friday morning we spent at the Beijing Municipal Environmental Monitoring Center. Prof. Tian from CIAE came up to hear my lecture, and we were joined by Prof. Zhuang and his student Yuan Hui.

Here we are on the roof of a small building examining some of their monitoring equipment. The two peaked-roof devices are high-volume samplers; the others monitor gases and size-fractionated particles. It was a beautiful spring day, and we were glad to be out in the open air.

The young man discoursing with Hui is from the monitoring center.

The view in another direction from the same roof. The contrast between the old and the new is typical of today's Beijing.

More discussions.

Really, folks, they were friendly discussions. Just the meeting of great minds.

The main part of the monitoring center is in the white building at the end of the grass.

Walking back toward the main building.

Prof. Zhuang and Prof. Tian. 

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