Photos of JFK Researchers

    Many JFK researchers know each other by name but have no idea what the others look like. I have decided (as of July 2005) to start collecting photos of researchers and post links to them here. It began with Steve Barber, whom I visited in July 2005. I photographed him with his drum set and notified the newsgroup alt.assassination.jfk about it. The response was positive enough that I will visit others and photograph them similarly. The schedule for August 2005 includes Rob Spencer, Pamela McElwain-Brown, and John McAdams. Enjoy! Volunteer subjects always appreciated.

Steve Barber, Shelby, Ohio (July 2005)

Rob Spencer, Rochester, New York (August 2005)

Pamela McElwain-Brown, Eden Prairie, Minnesota (August 2005)

John McAdams, Milwaukee, Wisconsin (August 2005)

Martin Shackelford, Saginaw, Michigan, retrospective (September 2005)