Guiyang, 16–24 January 2004

    I went to Guiyang at the invitation of Zheng Mei and her mom. We had a wonderful time there. Guiyang is the capital city of Guizhou Province, one of China's poorest provinces. It is poor partly because it is out of the way and has been neglected until recently, and also because it is something like 95% covered by steep hills. That leaves only 5% for towns and villages, roads, rivers, etc., and agriculture.

16 January 2004
    1 Noodle restaurant
    2 On the street 1
    3 On the street 2

17 January 2004
    1 Research Center of Testing and Analysis
    2 Lunch in underground restaurant

18 January 2004—The Capital Opera
        People arriving
        The show 1
        The show 2
        The show 3
        The show 4
        The show 5

        The show 6—Bows and congratulations

21 January 2004—Chinese New Year's Eve
    The Trade-Point Hotel
    Dinner with friends

    Photos with the staff
    Photos with the staff 2

23 January 2004
    Lunch with friends from the Research Center

24 January 2004
    Lunch at the Miao restaurant—Outside
Lunch at the Miao restaurant—Inside
    Views from the flight to Beijing 1
    Views from the flight to Beijing 2
    Views from the flight to Beijing 3
    Views from the flight to Beijing 4

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