Notices and Recent Additions to the JFK Web Site

13 November 2007
    Link to archival video from Dallas.

3 June 2007
    Review of Spiegelman et al.'s coming article on NAA in the Annals of Applied Statistics

31 August 2006
    Review of Randich and Grant's July 2006 article on NAA in the Journal of Forensic Sciences

2 September 2005 (and following)
    Soviet broadcasts immediately after the assassination

2 September 2005
    Photos of JFK researchers--John McAdams and Pamela McElwain-Brown

18 August 2005
    Photos of JFK researchers—Rob Spencer

3 August 2005
    Photos of JFK researchers—Steve Barber

28 September 2004
    The Cubana Airlines Flight of November 22, 1963 (Peter Whitmey, The Fourth Decade, January 1995)

21 September 2004
    The Harmony of the Physical Evidence (PowerPoint talk given by K.A. Rahn at the AARC symposium in Washington, 18 September 2004)

17 December 2003
    Toni Foster Walking (Another animation by Alexandre le Bienheureux from the Zapruder film)

9 December 2003
    Improved views of the quick forward snap (Alexandre le Bienheureux, Brussels) This is REALLY important stuff!

6 December 2003
    For Your Eyes Only--Manipulation of evidence by Dallas Police Department (Frank A. Cellura, 2003)

28 November 2003
    Forty years after Kennedy's killing (Peter Whitmey, Vancouver Sun, 22 November 2003)
    Camelot! A poem by Del "Abe" Jones, 24 July 1999 (After John, Jr.)
    Neutron Activation and the JFK Assassination (PowerPoint talk given by K.A. Rahn at the Pittsburgh Symposium, 23 November 2003)

25 November 2003
    A Brief Glance A poem by Del "Abe" Jones, 22 November 2003

21 November 2003
    Chance, not conspiracy, in the death of JFK. Op-Ed article by K. Rahn et al. published in the Austin Statesman and The Guardian.

16 November 2003
    Deception and Deceit: Media Coverage of JFK's Assassination, by Peter Whitmey, 4 November 2003

27 May 2003
    Revised JFK home page
    Biography of David Lifton

24 May 2003
    Definitions finished and expanded.

18 May 2003
    Coup d'État (Medford Evans, AMERICAN OPINION, September 1967)
    Chapter V: The Irresponsible and Un-American Left Wing at the Time of the Death of Mr. Kennedy (Billy James Hargis, The Far Left, 1964)
Chapter VI: The Enemy Within—"Far Left" Press (Billy James Hargis, The Far Left, 1964)
    Carl Day, Crime Scene Search Unit, who took the fingerprints from the rifle. Witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.
    Harry D. Holmes, the postal inspector who questioned Oswald about his P.O. box just before he died. Witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.

1 May 2003
    Vincent Drain, FBI agent who brought the physical evidence to Washington. Witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.

16 April 2003
    The Allegations of Cecil Small (Peter Whitmey, The Third Decade, January 1993)

12 April 2003
    Pershing Gervais and the Attempt to Frame Jim Garrison (Peter Whitmey, The Fourth Decade, May 1994)

26 February 2003
    Bobby Joe Dale, motorcycle officer who knew that the stuck microphone was at Market Center, not in Dealey Plaza. Witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.

25 February 2003
    Marrion L. Baker, the motorcycle officer who encountered Oswald in the lunchroom. Witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.

24 February 2003
    James Tague, the eyewitness by the Triple Underpass who was hit in the cheek by a fragment. Witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.

17 February 2003
    W.G. "Bill" Lumpkin, one of the lead motorcycle officers in the motorcade. Witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.
    Charles Brehm, the eyewitness who first conceived the single-bullet theory. Statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.

16 February 2003
    Physics and the frontal shot that never was (Monograph on JFK's motions after the head shot. Debunks the notion of a frontal hit once and for all.)

6 November 2002
    Barbara Junkkarinen on the witness evidence for an early separate hit to JFK (ca. Z190) (Updated essay)

19 October 2002
    An overall plan for more fully describing the critical/scientific method
    A critical method for understanding the JFK assassination (Expanded description)

17 October 2002
    A critical method for validating physical evidence (more to come)

4 May 2002
    Reactions from Readers 2002 (Beginning with messages from Ed Redlich, son of the WC's Norman Redlich)

29 April 2002
    Critique of Joe Biles's article on NAA

11 February 2002
    Article in The Knickerbocker News by Mary Woodward, 22 November 1983
    Mary E. Woodward: The First Dissenting Witness, by Peter Whitmey

3 February 2002
    The blockbuster video at last!  :-)  K. Rahn re-creates Oswald's morning walk with the long, bulky package. Click here.
    Filmed and edited by Greg Jaynes.

28 January 2002
    The Man Who Heard Too Much, by Peter Whitmey (1990 version with updates)

5 January 2002
    Updated Review of Dale Myers's With Malice (2002), by Michael T. Griffith

1 January 2002
    ARRB Deposition of Floyd Riebe, assistant to John Stringer at the autopsy
    ARRB Deposition of Saundra Kay Spencer, who claimed that she developed a second set of photos from the autopsy

30 December 2001
    ARRB Deposition of Dr. Pierre Finck
    ARRB Testimony of Prof. Art Simon
    ARRB Deposition of John T. Stringer, who photographed JFK's autopsy

22 December 2001
    Stavis (Steve) Ellis, motorcycle officer who saw the first shot miss and hit the south curb of Elm Street (in Sneed's No More Silence)

17 December 2001
    Frequency distributions of Sb in background WCC/MC bullets. For open-forum purposes; comments solicited.

5 December 2001
    James C. Bowles, Communications Supervisor, Dallas Police Department, who tells the real story of the acoustics (in Sneed's No More Silence)

3 December 2001
    Officer H. B. McLain, in Sneed's No More Silence

29 October 2001
    Reply to Art Snyder's note on my March 2001 monograph on NAA

2 October 2001
    Art Snyder's May 2001 Critique of K. A. Rahn's March 2001 monograph on NAA (.pdf file)

14 September 2001
    What Follows From The Fragments? (K. A. Rahn, 31 August 2001)
    Michael T. Griffith's "Ten Reasons I Reject The Single-Bullet Theory," 2000
    Michael T. Griffith's "The Shifting Sands of the Single-Bullet Theory," 2001
    Revised page on the SBT

5 September 2001
    Michael Collins Piper's response to my critical summary of Final Judgment

30 August 2001
    Why the Fragments Weren't Planted (K. A. Rahn, 30 August 2001)
        Shows that none of the fragments analyzed by neutron activation were planted.

26 August 2001
    Critical summary of Michael Collins Piper's Final Judgment (1993)
    Critical summary of Chapter entitled "Dallas" from Michael Milan's The Squad (1989)

24 August 2001
    Andrew Mason's objections to the SBT

20 August 2001
    A selection of articles on T. Casey Brennan and Conjurella

13 August 2001
    W. Anthony Marsh's critique of Ford and Zaid's paper (See entry of 29July)
    Mark Zaid responds

11 August 2001
    "The Winnipeg Airport Incidents" (Peter Whitmey, The Fourth Decade, November 1995)
    Biography of Peter Whitmey
    "The Winnipeg Airport Incident" (From The Kennedy Conspiracy, by Paris Flammonde, Meredith Press, New York, 1969, pages 29–32)
    "Richard Giesbrecht, conspiracy witness" (Entry in Who’s Who In The JFK Assassination, Michael Benson, Citadel Press, 1993, pages 152–154)
    Jean Hill--The Lady In Red (Peter R. Whitmey, 1994)

10 August 2001
    Assassination research and the pathology of knowledge (Dennis Ford, The Third Decade, 1992)
        An experimental psychologist and Warren Commission critic warns about weaknesses of current research in the JFK critical community.

8 August 2001
    The Scientific SBT
        The NAA and the geometry of Dealey Plaza establish the single-bullet theory scientifically. Its nomenclature should now be changed to DBH (double-bullet hit).
    Updated introductory page for the SBT

3 August 2001
    The Winnipeg Airport Incident Revisited (Peter R. Whitmey, The Fourth Decade, March 1999)
    Expanded information on critic John Bevilaqua

1 August 2001
    Jim Ewell, reporter for the Dallas Morning News, witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.

29 July 2001
    Eyewitness testimony, memory, and assassination research (Dennis Ford and Mark Zaid; 1993 Providence Conference)
    Hugh Aynesworth, reporter for the Dallas Morning News, witness statement from No More Silence, by Larry A. Sneed.

28 July 2001
    Critical summary of Chapter 44 of Gary Wean's There A FISH In The COURTHOUSE

20 July 2001
    Legal views of the Warren Commission. Five articles from the May 1965 issue of the NYU Law Review. Highly recommended!

2 July 2001
    "The Warren Commission and the Legal Process" (Richard M. Mosk, Case and Comment, May–June 1967, pages 13–20)

28 June 2001
    The Case for Assassination Books, by Andrew Winiarczyk (Dateline: Dallas, Volume 1: Numbers 2 & 3, Summer/Fall 1992)

12 June 2001
    What Was Back of Kennedy's Murder? (Evangelist John R. Rice, 1964, shortly after the assassination)

30 May 2001
    The fatal shot: Was President Kennedy hit from the front? (Bernard Oattes, Amsterdam, March 1993)

17 April 2001
    Joachim Joesten's "Truth Letter"

15 April 2001
    Expanded biography of Joachim Joesten (with more to come)

13 April 2001
    Biography of Joachim Joesten

11 April 2001
    Ballistic Findings in the John F. Kennedy Autopsy Photographs (Richard Tobias, 2001)

27 March 2001
    Written Assignment 7 (Revilo P. Oliver), PSC404

12 March 2001
    We know too much about the JFK assassination (Short essay by K. A. Rahn, 12 March 2001)

4 March 2001
    The Z-film hurt more than it helped (Short essay by K. A. Rahn, 4 March 2001)

3 March 2001
    Neutron Activation and the JFK Assassination (A monograph by K. A. Rahn on the three chemical analyses of the bullets and fragments and how the data cement our understanding of the assassination)

2 March 2001
    Do we need to know the height of the rear head wound?   
    Which evidence is essential?
    Do we need to know the height of the back wound?
    Written Assignment 2 (The deed), PSC404
    Written Assignment 3, (WCR 35)PSC404
    Written Assignment 4, (Oswald and conspiracy) PSC404
    Written Assignment 5, (WCR App. XXII) PSC404
    Answers to Written Assignment 2 (The deed)
    Answers to Written Assignment 3 (WCR 35)
    Answers to Written Assignment 4 (Oswald and conspiracy)
    Answers to Written Assignment 5 (WCR App. XXII)

12 February 2001
    Revised "A logical approach to Jack Ruby and possible conspiracy."

31 January 2001
    Reading assignments for PSC404 through early March
    Answers to Written Assignment 1 (Critical thinking), PSC404
    Written Assignment 2 for PSC404 (Overview; The deed)

23 January 2001
    The second week of reading assignments for PSC404

22 January 2001
    The initial E-mail correspondence between Bob Vernon and K. Rahn

21 January 2001
    Written Assignment 1 for PSC404, on critical thinking

18 January 2001
    Rough outline of the logic in PSC404

15 January 2001
    The intellectual desert (for PSC404)

14 January 2001
    Differences between the transcript and the videotape of James Files's "confession"  (Complete)

13 January 2001
    The world of JFK "research" (for PSC404)
    Bob Vernon's bombastic response to my physical critique of the James Files "confession"
    Comments on Vernon's response
    Differences between the transcript and the videotape of James Files's "confession"    (Incomplete)

4 January 2001
    Brief biography of Robert G. Vernon
    Links to materials on James Files and the alleged conspiracy
    Violations of the physical evidence in James Files's "confession."

17 December 2000
    Brief biographical material on Dave Emory, including "Dave Emory's Politics of Acrimony," by Alex Constantine
    "The President's Commission: Investigating the Kennedy Assassination" (Chief Justice Earl Warren, Chapter XI of his memoirs, 1977)
    Biography of Billy James Hargis
    About the Author, Dedication, and Chapter I of The Far Left, by Billy James Hargis, 1964
    Two messages added to Thread 8 of "Anatomy of a Newsgroup Discussion"

16 December 2000
    Twenty simple truths about the JFK assassination

15 December 2000
    I am pleased to announce that yesterday the University of Rhode Island's Faculty Senate made my JFK course a permanent part of the Political Science Department. It will henceforth be known as PSC404, "The Assassination of John F. Kennedy." The portions of my JFK site devoted to this course will now be split into PSC482G (for the 1999 and 2000 courses) and PSC404 (for 2001 and later).

14 December 2000
    Chapter One of "The Mind of Oswald," by Diane Holloway

13 December 2000
    Revised "Types of evidence useful for understanding the JFK assassination"
    Revised "A critical method for understanding the JFK assassination"

10 December 2000
    Revised introductory pages to the sections of "Pre-WCR Reactions to the Assassination":
    "Pre-WCR Reactions to the Assassination"
    "Pre-WCR Reactions from the Center"
    "Pre-WCR Reactions from the Right"
    "Pre-WCR Reactions from the Left"

9 December 2000
    "Unofficial Envoy: An Historic Report from Two Capitals" (Jean Daniel, The New Republic, 14 December 1963)
    "Further Clarification: Interviews with Kennedy and Castro" (Jean Daniel, The New Republic, 21 December 1963)

8 December 2000
    "Tussle in Texas" (Saul Friedman, The Nation, 3 February 1964)
    "Another Beginning" (The New Republic, 7 December 1963)
    "November 26, 1963" (Wendell Berry, The Nation, 21 December 1963)

7 December 2000
    "The TV Image" (Paul T. David, The Nation, 14 December 1963)

1 December 2000
    "'Manchurian Candidate' in Dallas" (Richard Condon, The Nation, 28 December 1963)

30 November 2000
    "A Most Unstuffy Man" (H. Stuart Hughes, The Nation, 14 December 1963)

29 November 2000
    'The Roots of the Agony" (Reece McGee, The Nation, 21 December 1963)

26 November 2000
    Timeline of Jack Ruby's Activities, November 2024, 1963 (Martha Moyer and Betty Windsor)

11 November 2000
    A failed quest

10 November 2000
    Anatomy of a newsgroup discussion (equivalent to 55 single-spaced pages)

30 October 2000
    "Oswald and the FBI" (Harold Feldman, The Nation, 27 January 1964)

19 October 2000
    "The Warren Commission" (Editorial in The Nation, 2 November 1964)
    "Hoover the Vulgarian" (Editorial in The Nation, 30 November 1964)

18 October 2000
     "Then How About Koch?" (Editorial in The Nation, 2 March 1964)
    "The Dallas Rejoinder" (Editorial in The Nation, 25 May 1964)
    "Focus on Chapter V" (Editorial in The Nation, 12 October 1964)

16 October 2000
    "The Climate of Violence" (Editorial in The Nation, 14 December 1963)
    "The American Condition" (Editorial in The Nation, 21 December 1963)
    "The Warren Commission" (Editorial in The Nation, 28 December 1963)
    "Task of the Warren Commission" (Editorial in The Nation, 20 January 1964)

15 October 2000
    "The Oswald Affair" (Leo Sauvage, Commentary, March 1964)
    Revised intro page Pre-WCR Reactions to the Assassination
    Revised intro page Pre-WCR Reactions by the Left
    Revised intro page Pre-WCR Reactions by the Center
    Revised intro page Pre-WCR Reactions by the Right
    "John F. Kennedy" (Editorial in The Nation, 14 December 1963)

14 October 2000
    Biography of Edward Jay Epstein
    "Who's Afraid of the Warren Report?" (Edward Jay Epstein, Esquire, December 1966)

13 October 2000
    Reply to Curtis Crawford's letter on "The Second Oswald" (Richard Popkin, The New York Review of Books, 6 October 1966)
    Biographical sketch of David Perry

11 October 2000
    Reply to Popkin's "The Second Oswald" (Josiah Thompson, The New York Review of Books, 6 October 1966)

10 October 2000
    Reply to Popkin's "The Second Oswald" (Curtis Crawford, The New York Review of Books, 6 October 1966)

5 October 2000
    Biography of Ralph Schoenman

3 October 2000
    Kennedy and Lincoln (at the request of Anita Green)

1 October 2000
     "The Second Oswald: The Case for a Conspiracy Theory" (Richard H. Popkin, The New York Review of Books, 28 July 1966)
    Biography of Richard H. Popkin

20 September 2000
   Curtis Crawford
    A week ago Monday (the 11th of September), I received a very pleasant surprise. The telephone rang, and who should it be but Curtis Crawford, the author of 20 Questions for the Warren Report, a radio lecture from 29 September 1964 whose text we have been using in our JFK class. He was mildly critical of the report, and concluded that "If my balancing of the evidence is correct, the probability of Oswald's guilt is strong, but it has not I think been established beyond a reasonable doubt." This reasoned stance should be contrasted with the much stronger writings of, for example, Mark Lane and other early critics.
    Mr. Crawford and I have a very pleasant conversation for an hour or so. He had learned that his lecture was part of class from a friend who had found it when searching the Web to see where or if he appeared. Mr. Crawford is now living in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is very polite and soft-spoken, and generally makes his points in the same quiet, rational way as he did in 1964. He applauded my efforts in making an attempt "to teach students to think impartially and critically about a controverted and impassioned public issue," adding that " There is no more appropriate test for the willingness to think well."
    When I asked if he had published anything else on the JFK assassination, he said that there was only a letter from October 1966 to The New York Review of Books in response to an article that July by Richard Popkin on the Warren Report, the impossibility of the single-bullet theory, and Popkin's two-Oswald theory. Mr. Crawford then kindly photocopied this exchange, plus a response to Popkin by Josiah Thompson, at the UVA library and sent them to me. I will shortly be posting them for all to see. (As of 11 October 2000, they are all postedKAR
    He did offer one critical comment, however, which could be important. He said that my comments on his lecture had not sufficiently taken into account the situation faced by the early critics, namely the real uncertainties about much of the important evidence, the contradictions in the evidence that had not been resolved, and the possibility that evidence had been tampered with by the authorities. I immediately volunteered to review my remarks, which appeared as answers to a homework assignment on his lecture, from his perspective. Since I have come to stress the importance of this early literature on the assassination, it is essential that I of all people place it in the proper perspective. Given the general importance of historical perspective, I will probably write a short essay on my findings. Thanks to Mr. Crawford for a pleasant and positive conversation.
    Today I was notified that URI's Political Science Department has approved my proposal to make my JFK course permanent, and that the next higher level, the Curriculum Committee of the College of Arts and Sciences, has also approved the request and sent it to the College of Arts and Sciences for official college approval. This means that the course should have its permanent status by the spring semester of 2001, when it is to be offered next. It will henceforth be known as PSC404, "The Assassination of John F. Kennedy." The portions of my JFK site devoted to this course will now be split into PSC482G (for the 1999 and 200 courses) and PSC404 (for 2001 and later).

18 September 2000
    Now that the fall semester has begun, I will be adding items to the JFK site at a much lower rate than over the summer. I hope to be able to pick up the pace later in the semester.
    "The Warren Commission Report: II. Testimony of the Eyewitnesses." (Fred J. Cook, The Nation, 20 June 1966)

4 September 2000
    Main Page for Conspiracy Theory
    Introduction to Conspiracy Theory (with definitions).
    Bibliography on Conspiracy Theory
    The line of damage through the neck and into the throat (Removes the last doubts about the first phase of the SBT.)

3 September 2000
     "The Warren Commission Report: I. Some Unanswered Questions" (Fred J. Cook, The Nation, 13 June 1966)
    The Ten Toughest Issues of the Assassination

30 August 2000
    Messages to and from Joseph Nagarya, Bill Powers, Greg Jaynes, and Doug Fulcher in Reactions from Readers on the Web
    "What the Warren Report Omits: The Vital Documents" (Jacob Cohen, The Nation, 11 July 1966)
    "Those Missing Exhibits" (The Nation, 14 November 1966)

29 August 2000
    New messages to and from William Powers, Thomas Hagan, Doug Fulcher, and Joseph Nagarya in Reactions from Readers on the Web

26 August 2000
    "The Warren Commission and Its Critics" (Jacob Cohen, Frontier, November 1966)

23 August 2000
    New message from William Powers in Reactions from Readers on the Web

22 August 2000
    Recent exchanges of messages with Thomas DiPaolo and William Powers in Reactions from Readers on the Web

16 August 2000
    "The Warren Commission" (Maurice Rosenberg, The Nation, 14 September 1964)
    Revised introduction to Legal Views of the Warren Commission.
    Rearranged and expanded introduction to Reaction to the Warren Report

15 August 2000
    "The truth is way out there"—a portrait of Jim Marrs (Dallas Observer,6 July 2000)
    Declare victory and change the subject.

14 August 2000
    Introduction to the JFK Abstracts
    A ten-step program for understanding the JFK assassination (under PSC482G)
    Biography of Jim Marrs

11 August 2000
    Introductory remarks on John Kaplan's "The Assassins"

10 August 2000
    Expanded introduction to "Reactions to the Warren Report."

9 August 2000
    "The Assassins," by John Kaplan (The American Scholar, Spring 1967)

5 August 2000
    The three jurists and the physical evidence

4 August 2000
    Comments on three papers from the legal community that consider the Commission's evidence and conclusions.

2 August 2000
    "Death of a President: The Established Facts" (Lord Devlin, Atlantic Monthly, March 1965)

1 August 2000
    Biography of Vincent Salandria, with supporting documents and links to others

31 July 2000
    Page of definitions
    Biography of Josiah Thompson
    "The Buffs," by Calvin Trillin, The New Yorker, June 1967

30 July 2000
    New Section: The JFK Assassination in Fiction
    "A history of assassination literature," by Art Simon
    Expanded introductory page on "History"
    "Dutch Treat," by John W. Royal (A short story about THE high-level conspiracy)
    "Conspiracy Buffs," by Edward J. Delaney (A short story about a buff at a JFK convention)

24 July 2000
    Expanded introduction to Spring 2001's PSC482G

23 July 2000
    Additions to Reactions from readers on the web
    Critique of Galanor's Cover-up moved to Critiques
    Annotated version of Minnis-Lynd's "Seeds of Doubt"

22 July 2000
    Brief biography of Staughton Lynd
    Longer bio from The Business Journal
    "Seeds of Doubt", by Jack Minnis and Staughton Lynd, The New Republic 21 Dec 63
    "Overcoming Racism," by Staughton Lynd
    Review of Lynd's 1996 book We Are All Leaders
    Expanded biography of Mark Lane
    Expanded Intro to Pre-WCR Reactions of the Left

18 June 2000
    I am pleased to announce the acquisition of about 600 MB of images and files from W. Anthony Marsh of Somerville, MA. This material will be known as The Marsh Collection. It can be accessed from the JFK Home Page or directly from its own index.  It may be months before the materials are fully catalogued, however, for the number of items is daunting.

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